From Tulum into Belize

The location of Tulum, the pre-Columbian Mayan walled city, definitely wins the “most beautiful” award  for Mayan ruines we have visited so far. While its a relatively short walk through this archaeological site , the location above the cliffs and perfect white sand beaches is spectacular.

Its also one of the best preserved and some of the fresco details and colors  are still 




Our informal campsite before Tulum, allows for camping in the palm trees next to the beach restaurant.  We spend a few days at this quiet beach next to truckcamper with a palapa hut built on the bed . Until one morning a creaw of people in white vans arrives and sets up for photo shoots. We learn that the next JCrew catalogue is being produced here around the palapa truck .

The changing room and basecamp is setup right next to our truck so we decide its a good day to move on.

Tulum Chamico's

We come by Lake Bacalar , with striking blue color and water clarity, partly the result of having a white limestone bottom. Great place to swim and  get the Kayak out to explore the 42 km long lake.

The city at the lake Bacalar , is a friendly place and hangout for other overlanders and backpacking tourists from the americas and europe. There happen to be a free concert on the old fort and we are very impressed by the quality and beauty of the place and the music of the cuban string quartet with flute.

Back at the coast before the belizean border we keep running into other overlanding folks and spent some nice evenings and days  together.Maria from Esslingen, near where Susanne grew up in germany,   even bakes some bread for us in her Sprinter and we are in heaven.

Other entertainment includes watching the Pelicans, in their ever amazing dives  and long hikes along the beaches .

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