Gulf of Mexico to Cancun

Our travels have accelerated substantially due to a family emergency in Germany. We booked a flight out of Cancun on Nov 21 and have to spent more time driving every day. Spoiled with all the beautiful beaches we have seen , the gulf of Mexico, which we reach below Veracruz , is a disappointment. Swampy , flooded areas, private beaches along brown waters . We camp at a Restaurant with a dock to an inland bay near Frontera and a large protected Biosphera area.Many houses are partially in the water and only with rubber boots or boat accessible.

The word spreads quickly that the Gringos in the casa rotanda spend the night in the parking lot. We chat with the kids and an old man brings us coconuts as a gift.

The Restaurant as we find out as the night develops has many purposes, community hangout for the younger adultos, a family drags a matrace in and sleeps there and the TV runs all night. It was not a quiet night ,but we felt save there and accepted by the small community. The coast arround Villahermosa has large oil facilities and the beaches look pretty deserted. But we love the cities, like Campeche with a wall from the 17 century arround the historic Centro. Lifely streetlife, good food and kids and adults playing in the plaza. CampecheFurther inland there are many Cenotes , the underground water reservoirs that form naturally in the calcium based ground.

The big attraction near Cancun is Chichen Itza , the pre Columbian Toltec and Mayan city with one of the most famous pyramids. It defies our common history to see the culture, city life , astronomic observatories ,and huge courts for ballgames from more then thousand years ago. Every year during the Solstices , the sun shines exactly along one of the sides of the largest pyramid and the giant snake along the edge is lightened up. What precision and calculation necessary to build this!

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  1. Hi Neighbors!
    I so enjoy your travel pictures and descriptions of places and feelings.
    Happy Thanksgiving from the 600 block!

    I am very sorry about your loss of loved one. Safe travels.

    With love,

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