Nayrit coast and lake chapala

11/11 Down the coast from Mazatlan we are trying to avoid San Blas , the moscito capital of the West coast. But it’s getting dark and some of the coastal areas have been hit by the tropical storms this summer, and no camping to be found. We are glad to find a beautiful RV park south of San Blas,where the coast is rocky ….no bugs😊 I am interested to experience the expat communities in Mexico with full and part time residents from the US and Canada. The town of Rincon de Guabitos is one example. La Penja is the Mexican town where we stayed in a cute ” Little Rig ” RV park run by a Canadian couple . A small stream separates la penja and Rincon , where the Gringos live and the two world don’t seem to mix much. A better example is lake chapala our next stop (see 11/13 in the where we are page). We love the pleasant climate with the cooler nights on almost 5000ft as well, and the town of Ajijic has become an example for expats integration . They are working together and have built community groups to better work together. The local Argentinian restaurant is a favorite for both groups. We even find an emerging cohousing group and got entuthiastically invited in by the resident owners. They have studied the cohousing project where we live in Nevada City and are eager to exchange experiences

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  1. The expat and Mexican interface is a challenging one. It’s great that you found a community where there is integration that is working for both groups. Happy traveling.

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