Off to the mainland

Well I was planning to do this elaborate write-up of music and technology and power…. Forget it . Bottom line the 2 nights we did barely sleep was because of amplified music , pretty much all night. The kind where your stomage vibrates , no fun … So avoid Cabo San Lucas public beach camping and also check if there is a music festival happening next to you ( in la Paz they tuned their amplifiers between midnight and 2pm for the next day reggae festival) .

Cabo san luca

So , we left very early from Cabo up the coast to Cabo pulmo. This strech of beach is protected and one of the few coral reefs on the Pacific. I was wondering why all the Google maps wanted us to go inland to drive there , but I insisted on the coastal road . Ok, so glad I have a high clearance pickup…. Very Sandy , very steep, one lane narrow and sudden river crossings 2 or 3 feet deep … We felt accomplished to arrive at a beautiful beach with restrooms and camped right at the beach.

From there we went inland to a waterfall we heard about , see pics , was great

From there up the coast back to la Paz it gets more snowbird and Canadian again . Los barrilos is a relaxing little town with kite servers and atv driving Canadians . Susanne felt good to have a day without dust and wifi at the pool.

From there back to La Paz , after completing the circle arround the tip of Baja. We had a reservation for the ferry to Mazatlan.

We had chosen the tmz ferry , half the price of the Baja ferries, but mostly truckers and a bit rough arround the edges.

We scored a spot on the upper deck , popped the roof and slept in our camper . Even had new friends over for a beer , Sandra and Markus from Switzerland , who are on the road with an old VW bus for 3.5 years.

Arriving in Mazatlan we toured the old town , with an impressive public market, but where eager to head south out of big city.

3 thoughts on “Off to the mainland”

  1. What was the date you took the pic in Cabo where the cruise ship is coming around the rocky point? We may have been on that ship on our way back from going through the Panama canal. Do you have any more pics from that day?

    Love reading your blog and seeing the pics. Sounds like a real adventure. Love, John and Claudia

    1. Hi John that’s too funny … It was a Norwegian cruise ship and we where there on Nov 5th . Hope you guys have a good trip …enjoy the beauty of Mexico!

      1. That was close but we had already left. We were in CaboSL on 11/1 on that same ship, the Norwegian Sun. When you saw it on Nov. 5 it had already been to LA, we got off, reloaded with passengers and cargo and was on it’s way south back to the Panama Canal.

        We loved San Blas, a sleepy town in 1975. Hope it has retained at least a part of that. Hugs to you both. John

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