On the road south !

We started October 7th from our cohousing parking lot after a send off by the community the night before. Coincidentally our sons birthday was coming up . So our first stop was in the Bayarea. Our son Ben showed us the newly converted salt ponds at Eden landing near Hayward. Its a nice hike out into the bay now, even if its  almost  15 years since it was sold to the state. Those familiar with flying into San Francisco remember the red and brown ponds, like a colorful puzzle….not anymore its flooded by the tides now and wild live is coming back .

Then we crossed back over the Sacramento  valley  to Yosemite. What a great time of the year to visit ! We spent the first night right outside the park and left just after 6 am next morning . The last few miles before the gate  both sides  the road was  filled with campers, vans and Suv’s. We assumed its a mix of seasonal workers and park visitors . And as we started our drive to Tuolumne meadows ,our favorite spot in the park , we confirmed that almost all campgrounds had been closed and gates locked. Nevertheless we did a great hike to Glen Aulin ,the northern part of the Pacific Crest trail.

We had targeted the campground on top of Tioga pass , but that was also closed and looking at the fresh snow on the Mountain tops ,we didn’t mind to drive down into the Mono lake area.

We found one campground still open amid the Aspen trees and bundled up in the camper. When we turned off the heater , a small layer of ice formed from our breath, but kept warm under the blankies.

Susanne was distressed that her spanish language program , duolingo , had lost her login and her previous score of 26% fluent went back to 0 %. The phone app is free and a great way to learn a language. check it out! Here she is learning…..

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