Switching  Coasts in Baja Sur

The Highway numero uno goes back and forth between Pacific and Sea of Cortez. And how different they are … but each with its own beauty.

Just before Guerrero Negro, a dusty agricultural town, we are crossing into Baja California Sur, through a military checkpoint, which marks  the peninsula’s  northern  and southern districts. We drive out onto a sandy spit and spend the night in the old harbor . Lala and her family are fishing and maintaining a small Restaurant out in the bay , where later in the year 1000+ Whales hang out. They come later in December  into the protected waters to have their babies and find mates, just to leave again north in March.

The next morning the road leads us back over the mountains to San Ignacio , with its old church back to the sea of cortez .

Mulege ,a lovely little town, sits at the entry of Bahia de conception, a protected bay with islands and lots of wildlife. A Canadian lady and her Mexican husband run a dive shop in town and she  is very helpful to set us up with snorkel gear and fish identification charts. Susanne spends hours snorkeling and identifying the colorful fish right of the hidden beach, Playa Escondido,  where we setup camp.

How do we find all these wonderful places ?

The secret is IOverlander.com , a website created by a few fellow overlanders, where travelers add places and checkin with the latest when they visit. So it’s the most uptodate info and you have a good chance to congregate with fellow overlanders at the most highly rated spots.

That’s how we also found our next spot , down past Loreto, which is  a  touristy town with some built up, gated  villages,  “where the americans live” (as mentioned by the tourist buro helper ,who advised us) . Juncalito , another beautiful beach ,enticed us to get up early and hike along the coast .




Then after the quiet,warm waters and  starry nights , back again to the pacific . Ioverlander promises a tucked away  surfer beachjust before the Highway turns towards La Paz . While the sandy , washboard road is a better  fit for the Baja 1000 racers (a long established race ,which will happen again in November )  it eventually brings us back to a few houses at the pacific and the most incredible sand dunes as far as the eye can see.


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