The Caribbean in Mexico

The closest thing to time travel is a flight out of snowy Germany to the beaches of the carrabean. After a 2 week break in Germany we landed in Cancun with our down jackets and long pants and the moisture and heat feels surreal. We pull our camper out of storage and Susanne uses it to give the loft bed a makeover.

2014 Hawk camper

We hurry out of Cancun , which is strictly separated into the Hotelzone ,where the tourists are, and the otherwise mexican Cancun . We have some of the best beaches all to ourselfs, just an hour north on Isla Blanca….the payment is miles of bad road.
Between Cancun and Tulum , the mangrove swamps and dense dschungel, makes it difficult to access the beautiful beaches. Overall it’s much more build up with hotels and Disney like theme parks, then we have encountered anywhere else in Mexico. But between the town’s and hotels are some of the best beaches to be found with the white sand and clear jade blue waters of the carrabean.

Riviera Maya

We find a laid back little town of Puerto Morelos , where the corall reefs are close to shore ,which provides for beautiful snorkling. We can walk along the beach to town from our RV park. During dinner we have some Mexican Christmas singers stop by. Definitely feels weird after coming from the Weihnachts markets in Germany! Puerto Morelos Altensteig Weihnachts markt

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